Friday, August 31, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

/: Heh, you can actually pause the music,
my deeeeear!

Qing: hey baby. :D
Thursday thursday thursday!

Tania: You goondu queen!
Come on tuesday okay,
&&& we'll give laoshi weird looks.
You know what i'm saying uh! heehee.

Sher: Hello! you will miss me meh my dear!

SY: Nutty! heh.
Cos he say that corn very nice. -.-

Peace: heh, actually it's the same
as the Forever21 in singapore.
Just order back t same size! (:

Eien Kisu: Too big not nice maaaaar,
Small, cute. heh.

PS: FYI, Natsu Matsuri is held
every year for the japanese in singapore! :D

I'm listening t Petey Pablo - Show Me The Money now! (:

Okay, i know this is maaaad,
it's 5:21am and i'm blogging.
I've been at odd timings like,
5:30am, 6:30am.
And sleep all the way till 2am. :x

&I just ordered Benetint from the webby!
hopes it comes asap.
And i love benefit cosmetics!
I think i'm a total sucker for pretty packaging.

& I love the 24K gold lippie,
which i think is not available in singapore
if i didn't remember wrongly?

I wanna get Boi-ing & High beam!
Somebody sponser me for my cosmetic splurge?

& I Groom this Japanese Splitz, Snow.
Which is like, one of my favourite doggie breeds.
They have pretty pretty eyes, I want my own J. Splitz!

This is Before,
he's such a goooood boy!
Sit in the basin &looking arnd waiting for me t bath him!

This is After,
He's sooo soo sooo cute right!
I cut that round face, cut very long caaaaan!
Snow looks like a Polar Bear.

I love the tail lah!
Like feather uh?

Cutest Doggie ever! :D

And yeah, gwen's birthday!
it was soo soo funny.
The other day we went t east coast t surprise gwen for her birthday,
When she saw me she came running towards me
&start screaming and hugging me!
It was so cuuuuute lah! hahahahahas!

And... She trying t act super duper unglam,
With chocolate cake all over her mouth
& i almost died trying not to laugh out
loud while posing for the picture.
It was killing me!

It's soo so so fun having a friend like gwennie can!

&I can finally tie up my hair!
I know, I look seriously, Siao.

So i actually fell asleep at 6:30am yesterday night,
& i woke up at 2:45pm!
I like, Slept my whole day away. Hah.

So i was suppose t meet sherlynn, & the photographer
Who's gonna do th photos for.. uh, my modelling thing.
& i was suppose t go there and let him "look at me"
It's so funny lah!

And i was laaaaate. Late Late Late!
Late queen!

He's like, damn damn professional.
Everything, he wants, professional,
professional professional, yadda yadda.

So yeah, after that i met up with YQ.
&we bought shorts!
I bought white shorts &she bought black ones.
Super irritating okay, everything she'll want it in black.
black black black black black.
Baa Baa Black Sheep. Baaaaaaa.

&We had Delifrance,
And that was my 1st meal of the daaaay,
which is like, 7:30pm?
*tummy rumbles*

Alright, So we went t Marina Square
& we bought these tees!

Mine says, "Hazel Eyed Hottie."

Her says. "WANTED, Boyfriends,
please submit application with Bank Statement."

And the usual cam whoring session!

We always look damn normal at the start,
Nicely smiling and posing for th cam,

Then the silly faces starts coming in.

& she was damn random lah!
We were shopping,
walking walking then she suddenly whip out her phone
And took this picture. Tsk!

Okay, it's like, 6:11am now.
Sleeping time. Goodnight! (:

Monday, August 27, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Meiho: Hello back neighbour! :D
We're all addicted t online sprees.

Shilesse: Hello sweet.
When is your friend &her guinea pig free uh?

Peace: Hey babe, i usually order Size S
for my Forever21 tops.
Why? (:

Vain: Hahahahas!

..: Yes! And i'm daaaamn happy about it.

UNCLE: NIECE- Updated alrdy lah!
Don't dey dey dey please!

Nicole: Yes, Finally! (:

SY: Updating noooow. Heh.

I'm listening t
Gallery - Mario Vazquez now! (:

Short post tday darlings!
NATSU MATSURI on Saturday.
I wanna wear Yukata luh!
But i didn't buy it anyway. Heh.
Those japanese girls wearing
those yukatas are reaaaally pretty.
Esp when they know how to style their hair very stylishly.

I wanna learn t style my hair like them too!

Soooo, Thank god Jaeson &Jessica was like,
right infront of the queue when we came,
else we really gotta line up for like, so many hours!

This is the games stall area,

And there were the Yo-Yo, Goldfish gamestalls.
They'd give us this net thingy, but instead of a net,
it's paper in the centre and we've t dip the net into the water
and scoop out the goldfish without tearing up the paper.
&mine got torn once
&i caught one goldfish with a new paper net!

3 years ago when darling went t natsu,
He was trying t compete with steve or shu herng.
then he caught
5, FIVE goldfish you know.
But this year he only caught one,
kua kua kuaaaaaa.

So we went t play this.. yo-yo game thing.
We're suppose t use a hook,
something like this :

To hook up th rubber string of the Yo-Yo,
and you gotta be quick and aim well for the YO-YO string!
My tissue string broke 2-3times lor.
But in th end i hooked up one red/one pink. (:

His goldfishie!

I was trying to hook up the Yo-Yo!

Th performance area.

That goondu piang. Zoom in Zoom in! Tsk.

JMD mates.

He was damn depressed that his corn
dropped on the floor can.
Over a.. Yes,

JMD performing!
You guys were great! (:

And after the performances,
They starting dancing t those traditional jappy dance.
And i join, Kicking and hopping arnd in my mini skirt &heels.
Must be nutty, But my boy's even cuter.
He dances, holding the goldfish &Yo-Yo.
Poor goldfish!

Okay, It's
3.54am and i'm starting t feel abit sleepy.
I'm gonna lie in bed
&watch the movie, The Ex with my desktop!

I love y'all &taaaag tag tag! (:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hey babes, i think you guys shd download firefox
if you see my blog in a mess.
I don't know why it's all messed up on IE,
but perfectly fine in firefox. (:

Download link here:

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Xuan: Msn! (:

Alicia: Hey babe, i can't do anything t correct it either.
only thing that helps solve the problem is viewing with firefox.
if you wanna download firefox,
i've already left the link the th top on my blog post. (:
Hope this helps!

Vain: Hello vain, just wanna ask.
Why do you keep naming yourself Vain?
It's so cute. hahahas.

Loo: I'm so irritated with IE!
*Stomp feet!* :x

Alicia: Then i can't do anything either. (:
Cos the problem doesn't lie on my blogskin html.
But on Internet Explorer itself.

Sher: Hah, I'm just joking laaaaah!
Relax, My Dear Girl!

I'm listening t
Push It Baby Remix (feat. Sean Paul).

Cocker Cut

Body: 5mm blade,
Straight line from Chest Bone to Back.
Blend thru into skirting.
(In my case, Use 6.5mm)
Ears: 2mm blade,
Clip thru half length of ears.
Chest: 2mm blade,
Clip thru a straight line up from
chest area to Lower lip area. (Inverted)
Clip chest area to form a V.

(She's th cocker i groomed yesterday!)

Hand Scissoring-
  • Rounding of feets.
  • Back, Front
  • Underline (Slight Curve @side, Straight down.)
  • Left, Right
  • Head, Tail.
Ears: Cut straight, Round up the sides.
Chest: Blend V with thinning shears.

I just bought a new blusher &a Bronzer!

Yesterday is like, damn shiok.
I was totally dreading going t school.
But, needless t say, i had t drag my feets out of bed.
But it wasn't that bad lah.

I met-up Tania before we went t school,
then when the crackpot instructor see the both of us,
her face totally blacken that instant.
Prolly because i complained on her t th boss.
But like, it was useless too lah.

Cos th damn boss is the instructor's boyf.
so, how also he told us,
"It's to your own benefit, yadda yadda."
Oh please hor, mop floor benefit my ass.

To think darling still wanted me t go and quarrel with instructor.
quarrel, &wait t get expelled by that petty crackpot.

But whatever! Yesterday was damn relaxing.
I even had time to take a break &sit outside,
gulp down my drink &chit-chat with my friends.
Then like, after i'm done with th cocker cut.
She was like,
" okay fidel, sweep the floor then you can leave alrdy!"

i was expecting her to give me another dog,
then i'll have to stay and do till 8-9pm!

So yah, after class.
Tania accompanied me,
then i went t meet yuanqing @amk hub.
&we went t watch "Secrets."
It's not bad thou, not like those kuku chinese love-love movies.
Th storyline &plots are great.

And i went t watch Secrets for th 2nd time with leon!
@ amk hub AGAIN!
It's 3 days in a row alrdy okay.
And i'm officially sick of that place!
PS: Cheena piang, No more AMK hub please.

Alright, whatever.
So until 6pm when my boy finally
came round t my place t fetch me.
I realize i haven't ate anything at all for the whole day.
I totally forget about eating! What th hell.
So we bought our tickets & ate at NewYork NewYork.

Darling had BBQ PorkRibs & i had th Giant Meatballs Pasta.
And we had this Fried mushroom thingy with Mayo-Lime dippings.
Which is totally unglam-y to eat if
you didn't cut it into small teenie pieces.

And i think the food kinda sucks there,
either th food is bad, or the both of us is really picky.
But i don't think we're not going back
there t eat anytime soon!
I'd prefer Tao's Anyday!

Darling.. (tugs sleeve).. CREME BRULEE!

So after the movie, my boy had t book in
&he sent me hoooome.
*Clings on t darling like monkey!*
So i took out my babies &trim their naaaails.
They're hardly babies anymore,
But they're still so adorable!

F &Nutella.

F &Meeko.

F &Meeko2.

F &Meeko3.

F &Mimao.

F &Mimao2!

& this is for my darling gwennie!
who's th god-sent-angel that's always there for me. (:


The Oscar de la Renta Inspired Eyelet Trapeze
Pictures credited t Candypulp.

Sigh, okay.
Another dress that doesn't suit me.
And it's brand new.
I'm letting it go at 25bucks.

Which is a steal!

&it comes with th white leather belt too.
I bought it for like, 33 +2.24 = 35.24 sgd! ):

& i'm throwing in a meetup
so you girls can save on postage!

More pictures/Details &measurements of
The oscar de la Renta Inspired Eyelet Trapeze

Mailed/Msn/Text (if you've my number of cos!)
if you've any enquiries
&you wanna grab that pretty dress from me! :D

PS: Babes, there's been like,
5-6 girls asking me if the
Green Tea Burner pills are still available.
but i've sold it t a girl who mailed me ytd!
Sorry for the disappointment!
I love y'all &taaaaaag darlings! :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey babes, i think you guys shd download firefox
if you see my blog in a mess.
I don't know why it's all messed up on IE,
but perfectly fine in firefox. (:

Download link here:


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
i can't seem to post my replies. ):
soooo, i'll reply here!

Mailed you! (:

Tania: Yah loh. There's class tmr.

Hello: It's alright,
but i guess it works for some people,
but not for some individual.
So best bet is t give it a try! :D

Vain: Hello vain. heh.
that's actually the same top,
but it's the lighting that caused the differences.
Th owls are so cute, aren't they? heh.

Loo: Heh, I was like, ranting on &on.
I'm so pissed! 2500sgd for basic class,
which is arnd 40lessons i think?
2500bucks for advance class = 18lessons.
Sucks that i'm stuck in the damn place!

Sher: Hah, hello!
i don't want t go out with you lor.
ltr got mouse. So, No thank you!
heh, kidding kidding.

I'm listening t Give It To You - Pretty Ricky (Ft. Sean Paul)
I'm hooked! :D

I had my English o's oral tday at Bartley sec.
Annnnnnnd, it went pretty well. :D
But as usual, being a nervous freak.
I can't help but mess up a few words.

And the world is reaaaally really small!
or rather, Singapore is so tiny.
I went for oral with Sokling tday.
And while we were seated and
waiting for our turn t take th oral exam,
Sokling chatted with a guy beside her,
her secondary sch mate or sth.

Then he said he knows me,
then i went thinking,
"oh shit, my memory is failing me again!"
I don't recall i know this guy at all!

But he turned out t be Weisan's Boyf!
Singapore is punnie tennie weenie!

Alrighty, So tday I went studying with
my cheena piang YQ at amk hub.
Fine, i didn't really study.
But i was working hard on being a sweet gf!

Look out for my next blogpost t
find out what i was "working hard" on.

Alright, I need t workout for 30mins.
(Who does their workout at 2:30 in th morning? Nutty!)
And it's like 2:30am now, &i need t wake up at 9am tmr.
And i need my sleep, so i have t energy t "counter attack "
that crackpot instructor tmr!

So, Let the pictures speak for themselves then!
We took like, 97pictures tday.

This is th tee YQ gave me for my Birthday! (:

She's working hard on maths,
While i work hard being sweet! :D

We got really bored and we tried competing for the Title of, "Ms Eyeliner girl."

... And i lost hands down to YQ th Ms Eyeliner Girl!
She's wearing my specs! :D

My side of the table,

Her side of the table.


She's th midget &I'm Miss Tall! (Tiptoes! :D)

Yay, I'm watching some movie
with cheena piang tmr after class.
And goodluck for orals tmr yq!

I love y'all &taaaaaag darlings! :D